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Tina ❤️, Indianapolis

I had to write and express my appreciation for the excellent experience I had at Indianapolis Endodontics. The staff was AMAZING!!!! My doctor not only explained the process as he was working but he made sure I was completely satisfied. The entire staff was warm and accommodating. I have never experienced anything like this from the front office to checkout. If you ever need a root canal this is the place to go. This is professionalism at its finest!!!!

Jason L., Avon

Dr. Ben and Courtney could not have been better during this journey of having my first root canal. They were warm, informative and friendly and made me feel like two friends were working on my tooth. There was no pain during or after the procedure. I was able to eat within hours and within a couple of days, there were no signs of having a root canal. I can't say enough kind words about the two of them or the entire team. The entire experience was fantastic. I know it seems silly; however if I need a second root canal, I look forward to seeing the team, Dr. Ben and Courtney again.

William A, Nashville

Dr Photenhauer had to retreat an old root canal for me and did a painless job using the Gentle Wave. Indianapolis Endodontics was the first in the midwest area to use the Gentle Wave which allows almost all procedures to be done in one painless visit. He and his staff are truly caring and professional. Time spent explaining each step and expected out come were appreciated

Jason, C

My 9-year old daughter was recently treated by Dr. Pfotenhauer for an emergency toothache. She suffers from terrible dental anxiety and has a difficult time with any procedure even if it’s as simple as a cleaning. Fortunately, she was treated by a doctor that not only addressed her physical condition but ALSO spoke to her mental state of anxiety. Dr. Pfotenhauer is a fellow believer and helped calm my daughter with reassurances of faith. His chairside manner was the epitome of professionalism and compassion. So much so that he recommended a treatment plan that was not favorably financially beneficial to him. Instead, he recommended the least invasive course of long term treatment for my daughter. Thank you, Dr. Pfotenhauer, for being willing to simultaneously express your faith and commitment to patient care. That combination is rare in today’s world. You have earned our admiration and loyalty!

Chris W., Mooresville

I had two root canals yesterday, and while root canals are difficult my experience couldn't have been better. The dental surgeon was great! He was polite, caring, and kept me informed during the procedures.

Jess Smith, Indianapolis

Dr. Rexford and the staff here are wonderful. After skipping two cleanings during 2020 my heart sank when I found out I needed THREE root canals (I’ve never needed one before). I’ve had two so far by Dr. Rexford and she is so empathetic, gentle and eases anxiety with fun conversation. She took into account my TMJ and past numbing experiences and took great lengths to constantly make sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Honestly in awe of her and her staff. Wish I could come to her for all of my dental needs! Highly recommend to anyone who has anxiety based around dental work. My experience here has truly changed my perspective! Jess

Duane B., Indianapolis

This was my first visit to Indianapolis Endodontics. The experience was great from start to finish. I was scheduled with Dr. Joseph Adams. He and his assistant were awesome. They made me feel very comfortable before, during, and after the procedure. If future dental work is needed, I would absolutely go back to Dr. Joseph Adams.

Douglas O, Indianapolis

I recently had my first root canal at your Avon Office. The office was prompt and on time, the assistant was polite and informative and the dentist was outstanding. Everyone hears horror stories about root canals...but mine was no different than any other dental work. Three small sticks with the needle...and no additional pain, before, during or after the procedure. Thank you to Dr. David Pfotenhauer for his excellent work! This office is highly recommended!

Dorrie K, Indianapolis

I had been struggling with unlocalized dental pain since March with no answers. I had made an appointment at Indy Endo for a second opinion. Unfortunately my pain skyrocketed to a level 8 late on Friday night the week before my appointment. Dr. Ben Adams was on call. He ordered me some medication to get me through the weekend and worked me in on Monday. I was very anxious but he was very calming and reassuring. He took his time and explained everything to me before and while he was working. His assistant was so very kind and understanding. They both checked throughout the procedure to make sure I was okay. That root canal was the best experience I've ever had in a dental chair. I hope to never have another one but I will certainly go back to Indy Endo if needed. I highly recommend them!

Juan G, Brownsburg / Avon office

Everyone in the office pleasant and helpful, my root canal procedure went very well and painless by Dr David H Pfotenhauer. I would Recommend them to anyone.

Becky, Clayton

I was referred to Dr. Ben and I had a great experience. Dr. Ben is very thorough and gives you all the information and options and does not try to rush to get to the next patient. His staff was super nice and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend!!!!

Matt P., Plainfield

AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I have a history of horrible experiences with dentists/orthodontists, so I was TERRIFIED to go through with anything, let alone getting a root canal. I was severely mistaken. The staff and Dr. was outstanding. He did a supreme job of making sure I was educated on what was being done, why it was being done, how long it would take and during the procedure he was down to business while expressing care and compassion. I can't thank you guys enough for the care that you provided me, especially after all of the horror stories I have heard about getting a root canal done. A++ job on making a difference in my life and perception of this procedure.

Gina Waldrip, Bargersville

Dr. Adams & his assistant were absolutely wonderful! Come to find out I had an infection under my filling as well as a couple cracks. So that's where the pain came from! They were so good at making sure I didn't hurt & cleaned it all out & made my tooth good as new! So completely satisfied! Great people!!! Can't recommend them enough!!!

Regina Watson, Indianapolis

This was the Dental experience you only dream about. I was sent here because my regular dentist could not finish the root canal. I was in a lot of pain when I arrived. I was greeted the minute I walked in. I was taken back for service in about 5 minutes. The Doctor was very personable and explained what he was going to do and continued explaining as he worked . Their equipment is state of the art. I actually had 5 different root canals in one tooth 2 of them crossed one another. I also had swelling due to infection. They have a machine he used that actually cleans and cleanse The infection via the root canals and you do not have to take antibiotics. When The numbness wore off I had little to no pain, the swelling went down the next day. The time of service I had just retired so was in the middle of changing over to post insurance. When I did get it all settle I sent them the info, they immediately sent in . I will go no where but here for all my Endodontics needs . The time of s

Dr W, Avon

When a dentist needs a dentist. Thanks Dr Pfotenhauer and Stacy. Dr W

John C, Indianapolis

I just had a root canal. I heard all the horror stories about them and the pain. Dr. Jacobs and his assistant Lisa were amazing. I experienced absolutely NO PAIN. They were very helpful and nice. I would recommend them to anyone. Tooth no longer hurts!!!

Kimberly L, Plainfield

I have very high anxiety when it comes to dental procedures. I have put off getting a root canal since last December. Today I had the dreaded root canal and it was a piece of cake! The dreaded shots in the mouth...No pain whatsoever!! Thanks to Dr. Joseph Adams which my husband and I highly recommend! There was no rushing, he took his time, very kind, caring and explained everything perfectly. He chatted with me and my husband before and after the procedure. If any future dental work is needed we will definitely be going back to Dr. Joseph Adams and you should too. You won’t regret it!

Tim R, Lebanon

Dr Jacobs and his assistant Lisa were the best. Kind, gentle and very through. Great service. Highly recommend them to all who need this done.

William levi .A, Plainfield

I had two oral surgeries done in the one in 8102 kingstom street suite 500 Avon, IN 46123 Dr Jordan Jacobs and his awesome assistant Lisa did an absolute awesome job, they took away the tension with humor and performed the surgery with incredible steady hands, they were straight with me and gave me options, and we're a pleasure to work with, they were both very polite and friendly , with very good manners, and explained things very well, they made sure I wasn't in any pain at all times during the procedure, it's was a absolute pleasure to have Dr Jordan Jacobs and his assistant Lisa do the procedure, I'm very happy with how well and smooth the surgery went, and i will be definitely be returning their if I need any other procedures done.

Camille F, Carmel

I was so impressed with Dr. Joseph Adams! Root canals are no fun but his great bedside manner made me feel very comfortable! He was very professional and took his time explaining what to expect throughout the procedure. I recommend him very highly! I live on the north side of town but would gladly travel to his office in Avon again if my family or myself need his expertise in the future!

Natalie B , Indianapolis

I recently had a root canal done on one of my teeth and I was extremely worried about having the procedure done. Dr. David Pfotenhauer was excellent and walked me through everything! After the procedure was done, he told me to let him know if I had any questions or concerns with the tooth in a couple of days. During my procedure he chatted with my boyfriend about various things, like where him and I worked. A couple days after my procedure a friendly face showed up at our work, (it was on Dr. David’s way home) to check in and see how I was doing! I have never met a Dr. So kind and willing to make sure his patients were doing alright! I didn’t think that when we discussed him stopping in at our work and saying hello sometime that he would actually stop in and check on me and my tooth! I am genuinely happy about the care and concern I was shown from Dr. David and his staff! I will be recommending all of my friends and family to his clinic from now on. Thank you again for such kind care!

Marcy H., Indianapolis

Thank Dr. Joe and Andrea. I was able to come in as an emergency for a root canal. Wow! What professionalism and courtesy. I was so blessed to have had Dr. Adams treat me. I had a billion questions and he patiently answered ALL of them. It was my first time to Indy Endo and I was very impressed. Warm and inviting staff, along with a very clean office. One doesn’t look forward to having root canals, but if/when it happens, please call Dr. Joe Adams. I promise you won’t regret it.

Teesha E., Indianapolis

I have high expectations when it comes to professionalism and paient care. Dr. Joseph B. Adams exceeded them all. I thank you for everything that you've done for me and every patient that has and will come through your doors. Thanks again!

shelly, brownsburg

I have had a tremendous amount of dental work in my life. I have a lot of anxiety when it comes to dental procedures. I recently needed an emergency root canal~Benjamin Adams and his assistant were WOW, unbelievably kind and gentle. They made me feel comfortable and not silly for being afraid. Hope not to see them again, but if so I will return !

Rachel H., Plainfield one likes to get a root canal. It's not what one would ever refer to as being a "great experience." It's scary and uncomfortable at the very least. My situation, in particular, was a challenging one. Despite this...the care, effort, skill and patience with which Dr. Pfotenhauer treated me was exceptional. The procedure took less time than I anticipated, and I left pain-free. I will definitely return here if I am ever in need of another root-canal (so...crossing fingers I will never ACTUALLY go back!). Thanks again!! :-)

Lee Ann, Indianapolis

Dr Ben and his assistant were fun to just be around. Made me feel very comfortable and explained everything. I have never disliked gong to my dentist, but after my last visit.....No issues with Dr Ben doing my root canal. Nice man! Who actually cares!

Tom P., Brownsburg, IN

I have been a patient of Bill Adams for years. I have always had a great experience, if that's possible when getting a root canal. I recently told someone I would rather get a treatment from Bill Adams than get a cavity filled or a crown put on by my regular dentist, who is also quite good. He is always cool, calm, collected and explains to you (and shows you) what he is doing, why, and the expected outcome. He never rushes and will do whatever is necessary to ensure you have the best outcome, even if it means he has to do more than he had planned--at no extra charge. His assistant, Anna, is also quite professional and very friendly. Quite a contrast to another medical specialist I go to on a regular basis who is always in a rush, makes you feel like you are an imposition, doesn't offer to explain things, and seems more interested in the economics of the practice than the patient. I can highly recommend with no reservation Indianapolis Endodontics.

Jim D, Indianapolis

Dr. Ben was genuinely concerned about the appropriate long term solution to my problem. He took the time to explain options and advised me based on what he would do in my situation. I Would recommend them without hesitation.

Michelle R, Greenwood

Dr. Rexford and all the employees of the office were wonderful. The experience was so smooth and virtually painless. She kept me informed and made me feel included in all aspects of my care. When a physician gives out their personal cell number and encourages you to call if necessary, that type of care and attention, to me, goes way above and beyond any and all expectations.

Crystal M., Richmond

Dr. Adams and his assistant were absolutely amazing. My daughter had a root canal done and all she could say after her appointment was how great they were to her. She would love if he could be her regular dentist, she was so scared going in there and left very happy. I can not say enough wonderful things about our experience.

Robert k, Carmel

As always Dr Benjamin Adams did a prodigious Job both with the surgery and the follow up to The procedure . R J Klein

Lorie Vaughn, Indianapolis, IN

When I tell you that this dentist and staff are caring people I truly mean that. Courtney who assisted Dr. Adams knew her stuff!!! She explained everything to me as well as Dr. Adams told me exactly what they were doing at ALL times. They worked lovely together. It was like she knew exactly what Dr. Adams needed and at the right time. He never had to wait for her to give him an instrument or anything. When I say this was a pain free root canal I mean it was the BEST. I never felt any type of pain not even when I received shots to numb the mouth. I am totally afraid of a dentist but if I ever need a root canal done again I am going to insist that my dentist call Dr. Adams and let him do the procedure. Today my tooth is just a little and I mean just a little sensitive but no pain. As long as I can go to Dr. Adams I will not fear a root canal again. Very friendly staff. Very informative staff...Just an overall great experience for me.

Joseph Adams, Avon

Dr. Ley was awesome. He explained everything to a Tee and was very knowledgeable and Professional as well. I was there for a Root Canal and I honestly have to say it was a nice experience with Dr. Ley.

Kathie C, Indianapolis

I was very pleased with the pleasant staff. There was no wait for my appointment. Very professional. Put me at ease and my procedure went well. Would absolutely use this office again if I need to and would recommend to family and friends. Dr Ben Adams was terrific.

Kearstin M, Hagerstown

I was cared for by Courtney and Dr. Ben Adams; they took the time (literally) three hours to be sure that I was as comfortable as possible every step of the way. I can not say enough about how wonderful they were to me. They never once seemed irritated with me in that my tooth was not the easiest to numb. Courtney had excellent bed side manners from the moment I entered from the waiting room to walking me to check out, and spoke words of encouragement through the long three hours in the chair. Dr. Ben Adams made an ever lasting impression on me; absolutely phenomenal in his care. He took the time to explain every step of the process and was sure I was comfortable before doing anything more to my tooth. He made me feel like a person and not just an appointment time. He listened to my concerns and did everything he could to resolve them. I will recommend this place a million times and over again. I have never received better care in any other office or hospital.

Christine Z, Indianapolis

I will recommend using Indianapolis Endodontics to anyone needing reliable ,well trained, Caring, efficient ,informative, treatments. I was in the care of Dr. Adams for a root canal and was treated so professionally and caringly from the reception ,nurse, doctor and accounting.

Don G, Crawfordsville

Everything was great. Everyone was friendly and professional.

Barbara P., Indianapolis

Doctor Adams was excellent. My issue was whether my front tooth could be saved after an accident. He consulted with my periodontist and clearly explained the procedure they both thought was the best course of action. This was a traumatic experience for me. Dr. Adam's skill and kind, caring manner saved my tooth and my nerves. I would definitely recommend Dr. Adams to family and friends.

Renessa O., Indianapolis

Office staff and doctor were amazing! Everything was made very clear, including the costs I would be responsible for and I found it very easy to schedule an appointment. Dr. Adams was very nice and genuinely seemed to care. The procedure was not in the least bit painful and he explained what he was doing as he did it. I highly recommend Indianapolis Endodontics.

Holly A, Zionsville

I was very apprehensive about having a consultation with Dr. Ben Adams, but from the first minute I met him he put me at ease. He was very kind and obviously knowledgeable. He explained and demonstrated his evaluation techniques on my “good” teeth before performing the evaluation on the teeth in question. Based on the basic X-rays that my regular dentist had done, Dr. Adams suggested that one of my previous root canals might have an infection. After they took a 3 D X-ray his tentative assumption was confirmed. I also need a root canal in the tooth next to the previous one and Dr. Adams mentioned that they were receiving some new treatment machines that would be useful for my situation. Even though these machines would not be available until the end of the month, I have opted to try them. Dr. Adams prescribed an antibiotic to address the infection, as well as some pain medication to assist me while I wait. I have total confidence in him and am not apprehensive about the upcoming visit.

Heather K., Indianapolis

Very friendly staff, extremely knowledgeable and took a lot of time with me to explain the procedures I had.

Ruth O, Indianapolis

I had a great experience at Indianapolis Endodontics! The front office staff was pleasant and helpful! Dr. Spolnik was kind, gentle and patient. His assistant Chris was also very nice. I had a pain free root canal! I highly recommend Indianapolis Endodontics!

Bea D, Indianapolis

Two painless root canals in one appointment. Joseph B. Adams, D.D.S., M.S.D. is absolutely the best. He took the time to explain what he was doing every step of the way. The entire staff are all the ultimate professionals. I will never go anywhere else, and will recommend them to family, friends and work associates.

Kelly W, Indianapolis

This was my first visit, and I was there for a root canal. Dr. Jacobs was kind, professional, and thorough, and his assistant Julie was wonderful. Would recommend to a friend.

William J L'Huillier, Indianapolis

I had an incredible experience today with Dr. Benjamin Adam - he is so easy going and "normal". He took the time to explain what he was doing and made the visit relaxing and pain free. I hope I don't have to go back (no offfense) but if I do, it will be without hesitation! I would recommend Indianapolis Endodontics to all of my friends and family! Courtney was awesome too and took great care of me!

Debbie C, Indianapolis

Very friendly, efficient office staff; feel well cared for by the expertise of Dr. J Adams-he is very calm and patient, explains all well and gives time to answer any questions. Would highly recommend if needing this specialized dental care!

Philip C, Martinsville

On time and very dedicated staff with excellent care

Tinya F, Indianapolis

Dr. Adams and his team were awesome! This was my 2nd root canal but the first time having him as the doctor performing the procedure. He was very informative every step of the way and it was pain free. Excellent job to all the staff including the front desk staff as well.

Lavita Dixon, Brownsburg

I don't know where to begin!!!! My daughter was suffering something awful after a deep filling done by our dentist. Lots and lots of nerve pain. She needed a root canal ASAP! WELL I was so nervous! But the doctor and his staff showed us so much love and compassion. The emergency root canal took about 40 mins and my baby (17 YO DAUGHTER) pain was all gone!! I would recommend this office to Everybody! Friendly, caring and professional! ALL OF THEM! I WILL BE BACK IN ABOUT 3 WEEKS TO HAVE MY ROOT CANAL DONE!!! THANKS SO MUCH! TO EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU FOR MAKING ME FEEL SAFE!

Shirley G., Indianapolis

The root canal went very well. The doctor told me at every step what he was doing, and his assistant was very helpful. Both were cheerful and positive which kept me from getting anxious.

Bret H, Indianapolis

Everyone was awesome! Will recommend them to anyone

Kay, Bainbridge

Wonderful experience - Dr Adams and the staff were so pleasant and informative. They explained each step of the visit in detail. Thank you!!

Darlene Thompson, Indianapolis

I love Dr. Rexford. She is soo gentle.

Amanda S, Indianapolis

Dr. Rexford & staff are wonderful! Thank you for your kindness and explanation of each step. I will be referring patients whom are in need of a root canal.

Mike P, Brownsburg

Very good experience, first time Root canal , Dr Joe Adams explained all the procedure prior and during . I was very impressed , definitely recommend, very impressed with their staff.

Philip P., Brownsburg

I am very pleased with Indy Endodontics. Dr. Adams and the team are very helpful. Being nervous and not knowing what to expect, Dr Adams explained what was being done and why it was important to my comfort and pain relief. This approach was very calming and not like anything I have received before. This was my second time there and I would not have gone back if the service were not absolutely wonderful. They are popular and I had an appointment scheduled a month out, but by being on the cancellation list I was able to get in within a week. Even if it was a month, I would wait just to go to this team! I will recommend to everyone in need of dental work to come here.

Mark B., Indianapolis

Dr. Joe Adam's took great care in explaining procedure, as well as performing removal/replacement of old root canal. Staff was very courteous and helpful. Would highly recommend the practice and Dr. Joe to anyone needing services the group offers.

Janet H., Plainfield

I cannot express how grateful I am for the type of service I recieved. I was in some of the worst pain of my life and indianapolis endodontics was there to my rescue! Dr. Ley is an absolute rockstar at what he does!

Rose M, Indianapolis

I am the worst dental patient ever because of my overwhelming fear of the process. The entire staff was so patient and supportive, and truly the kindest and most professional group ever! My words can never express my full appreciation for them, nor capture the level of satisfaction I have experienced in their care! Simply AWESOME! !!